Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the benefits of Compost?


There are a number of benefits to compost that other materials cannot match:

- Compost can hold 2-3 times its weight in water.  Its great for retaining moisture.

- Compost contains beneficial microbes that help prevent some diseases and stimulate plant growth

- Compost has both macro and micro nutrients.  N-P-K is in there, along with a lot of other trace minerals.

Q - What raw materials go into your compost?


We collect food scraps from local homes, offices and businesses and mix that food waste with wood chips from local tree companies.  We DO NOT use yard waste, manure, biosolids, or industrial waste in our compost production

Q - This stuff looks like mulch, I think you sold me mulch by accident


We don't make or sell mulch, so its definitely compost.  We screen our products to 1/2" but they still end up being more chunky then what you can buy at the store.  Our compost is derived from the composting of wood chips and food waste, so its typical for there to be sticks and small bits of wood chips in the final product.  If you look closely at those pieces you'll notice that some of them are colonized with fungus and other microbes that will help to innoculate your soil.  The woody pieces also serve as a great sponge for soaking up water for your plants, provide large particle size to improve tilth, and eventually breakdown into a fine humus which helps long term soil health.

Q - Is your compost safe to use?


Our compost products are made according to certain production standards.  Our compost piles exceed 140F for at least 72 hours straight to kill pathogens and weed seeds.  Our regular compost undergoes a 30 day active composting process and minimum of 90 days of curing.  Our vermicompost undergoes the standard compost process for at least 21 days and then spends atleast 30 days in our worm bins.


Each batch of our regular compost undergoes a seed germination test before it is released for sale.  This ensures that we are only selling a high quality product that is ready for use by our customers.  We periodically send out our compost for formal laboratory testing.  These results are available upon request.

Q - How big is a cubic yard?


A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet or 200 gallons.  Please note that we don't sell compost by the square yard, we live in a 3D world :)

Q - What is the pH of the compost?


Our compost hovers right around neutral (7) from batch to batch.  That is one of the ways we track whether the material is mature or not.  We have lab reports available if you want to email us.

Q - What is the Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio (C:N) of the compost?


The C:N ratio on our most recent batch of finished compost was 13:1.  That is one of the ways we track whether the material is mature or not.  We have lab reports available if you want to email us.

Q - What is the white stuff in the compost?


Our compost is innoculated with fungi and actinomycetes that will break down the small woody bits in the compost over time.  This helps turn the material slowly into a rich humus.  These microbes are interested in the woody matter within the compost, not your plants.

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