Enjoy some tasty food, when you're done, put your food scraps in one of our bins or dumpsters



We'll pick up your food scraps in one of our shiny trucks and take it to one of our permitted compost facilities


We will mix your food scraps with wood chips, place it in large aerated piles, and let things compost for 4-6 weeks


After active composting is complete, we screen the compost, and then let it cure for 2-6 months as it keeps breaking down.

We end up with organic compost that's ready for your farm, garden, lawn or landscape



From Combat To Compost

Veteran Compost is a veteran-owned business focused on turning food scraps into high quality organic compost in Maryland, DC and Virginia.  We provide food scrap collection, finished compost, and a host of other great products.


We're proud to have a number of claims to fame:


- We have a soil scientist on our staff managing product quality and providing technical assistance to customers 

- We are the only company in the region permitted to collect and compost food scraps

- Our compost is YARD WASTE FREE and BIOSOLIDS FREE aka chemical free

- We have a large scale worm composting operation

- 100% Wind Power and Solar Power used at our compost facilities

- All of our employees earn a living wage

For DC Area Service


For Food Scrap Composting in the DC Metro Area please visit veterancompostindc.com


We offer collection service for residential, office and commercial customers in DC, Northern Virginia, and the Maryland suburbs.  We also offer product pick-up/delivery and special event service.


About Us

Veteran Compost is about two things:


1. Employing veterans and their family members

2. Turning food scraps into high-quality organic compost


Our goal is to fuel our growth with people and material that others pass over.


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Our Products and Services

Our Products:


- Compost (Bulk/Bagged)

- Worm Castings aka Worm Poop (Bagged)

- Square Foot Gardening Mix (Bulk/Bagged)

- Potting Mix (Bulk/Bagged)

- SuperSoil (Bagged)

- Biochar (Bagged)

- Burlap


Our Services:


- Food Scrap Collection - Commercial and Residential

- Special Event Support

- Food Scrap Drop-off

- Compost Consulting


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Want to compost your food scraps?

We believe our food scrap collection service is cleaner, greener, and more transparent than anyone else serving the Baltimore and DC Metro Areas.  All the material we collect is taken to our own composting facilities.  They are fully permitted and have plenty of capacity.


We're always looking for new partners to collect food scraps from and provide compost.  Find out more about how to compost your food scrap here.



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