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Veteran Compost is about two things:


1. Employing veterans and their family members

2. Turning food scraps into high-quality compost


Our goal is to fuel our growth with people and material that others pass over.


Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans have an unemployment rate that exceeds the national average.  That means that a combat vet has a harder time getting a job than the average person.


Two thirds of the material that gets thrown away in the United States every year is compostable.


So, there's plenty of people and material to fuel our growth.

Photo Gallery: Our Farm at a Glance (The Early Years)

Our Farm

We have a 30-acre farm in Aberdeen, MD.  We're right on the edge of suburban sprawl, but still work the land and compost. 


The farmhouse dates to the 1870s and is surrounded by an assortment of outbuildings.  The crown jewel is our vermicomposting operation in our barn.  It is the only commercial worm composting operation in Maryland.  More than a million worms are working around the clock to create great compost.


The fields around the buildings are home to our aerated compost piles.  Nothing beats the sight of the steam rising off the piles at dawn.  It's a beautiful thing.


Our Products and Services

We work hard everyday to provide excellent collection services and compost products.  We want to set the standard for high quality compost and customer service.  No one composts harder than we do!


We are proud to be composting in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia and look forward to growing our business, hiring more veterans, and saving the planet.

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