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All of our composting is done at our sites in Aberdeen, MD and Alexandria, VA


But, you can pick-up bagged product at several other locations. 


Our site in Aberdeen, MD is open to the public on weekdays from 930AM - 4PM.  All other sites are by appointment.


Aberdeen, MD - All products available including bulk materials


Lancaster, PA - Bagged Products, Burlap, Barrels


Severna Park, MD - Bagged Products, Burlap, Barrels


If you have any questions or want to place an order - send us an email at info@veterancompost.com

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Main Facility

Veteran Compost

328 Bush Chapel Rd

Aberdeen, MD 21001

Open Weekdays 9-4


Pick-up Product In:

Aberdeen, MD

Alexandria, VA

Lancaster, PA

Severna Park, MD







Compost Sites:

Aberdeen, MD

Alexandria, VA

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