Food Scrap Collection

We offer food scrap collection as both regularly scheduled service and for special events.  We can cater a solution based on your needs.


What sets us aside from other trash and food scrap collectors?


- Clean - we swap out clean bins for dirty bins everytime


- Reliable - If we can show up on time and target on the battlefield, you can trust us with your food scraps


- Friendly - We compost with a smile and our phones are on 24/7 if you have an issue


- Trustworthy - We have our own permitted composting site.  We only compost the material that we collect.  So, where do all those other food scrap haulers take their stuff?

Residential Collection Service

We are proud to offer residential food scrap collection in the DC Metro Area.  We provide 7 or 14 gallon bins and collect them weekly.  Just like our commercial service, you get a clean bin, great customer service, and assurance that your material will be composted responsibly.


Contact for more information on our Residential Collection Service.

Commercial Collection Service

We offer commercial collection service throughout the Baltimore/Annapolis Metro Area.  We use durable 32 and 64 gallon rollout carts or 20 and 30 yard dumpsters.  Material collection schedules and pricing can be tailored to your specific needs.  


Contact for more information on our Commercial Collection Service

Organic Waste Drop-Off

We accept material drop-off on a case by case basis.  Materials include:


- Food Scraps 

- Wood Chips

- Leaves

- Sawdust

- Manure

- Paper

- Moldy Hay/Straw


Call ahead to schedule a drop-off and get the daily rate.

Compost Consulting

We're always happy to share our compost knowledge with others.  Whether you are looking to start a collection business, open a compost facility, or add food scrap collection to your food service operation - we can help.


Contact us if you would like more information on our consulting services.